The American People's Easy Guide to the 
2012 Presidential Election

Copyright Jeanne Mifflin, April 2012
A Simple Restatement of  Positions from Campaign Web Sites 
All position changes to be noted by date, venue, or link once updates have begun.
I, Jeanne Mifflin, submit this information to the American public as an attempt at organizing information taken from selected candidate campaign  websites into an easier-to-understand form. 

I make no assertion as to the validity of the candidate claims, nor do I present myself as a professional political analyst. 

You hold a personal responsibility to research  potential candidates before casting your vote in November.  

My intention is to restate, in simpler terms, what each candidate is offering the American public based upon their campaign web sites beginning 4/11/12 and ending 4/23/12 (with updates starting on 4/24/12) and it is in no way an attempt to sway public opinion nor to endorse or defame a candidate in any way.

The campaign web sites may change. I will be happy to update my information as needed.  Please contact me via the Contact Us form. All information presented was available on the campaign web sites beginning 4/11/12 and ending 4/23/12.  Position updates began on 4/24/12.  If you changed your campaign web site or issue position between 4/11/12 and 4/24/12, it will be noted once updates begin on 4/24/12.

My research has not revealed any copyright issues derived from my title or the content contained in this web site. Please contact me, via the Contact Us form, regarding any perceived copyright issues.

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